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Kamchatka Krai
Environmental Disaster on Kamchatka

Right this very moment a unique region of Russia, UNESCO World heritage site, is experiencing a real environmental disaster.

The tragedy started by the shore of Khalaktyrsky beach, and it were surfers of Snowave legendary school who first faced it. 

Yuriy Dud in his Instagram account shares the story of Snowave founder Anton Morozov: “Already three weeks ago all the surfers had nasty symptoms after contact with water. Turbidity, dryness, pain and pellicle effect on eyes. Throats were itchy and swollen. The ocean tasted bitter, not salty, and absolutely unfamiliar. Some time later all of us, 20 people in the camp who often surf, had poisoning reactions. First we decided it was some bladder infection and drew no parallels.

Environmental Disaster on Kamchatka

It was strange, but the water was clear and we suggested it some possible allergic reactions to plankton and other essential biological process, and waited for the forecasted storm to come. There was a hope with the storm it would all settle down. But that was only the beginning. 

On Monday the information appeared on the internet. The government sent the experts to sample the water, which by that moment became strange, muddy and thick. At different parts of the shore there was photo and video content made with tons of dead marine inhabitants. Preliminary samples showed four times petrochemicals and two times phenol excess. Yesterday and today many started to hastily leave the shore. The symptoms appear even without the contact with water.

On video screenshots posted by people, concerned about Kamchatka, you can see huge dark spots in the water and the shore covered with dead animals bodies.

The head of Greenpeace Climate project in Russia, Vasiliy Yablokov, urges to immediately respond to alert of further shore pollution, the Kamchatka regional environmental prosecutor initiated checks on the fact of water pollution on Kamchatka by an undefined source.